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Easter themed activities

In the lead up to Easter why don't you try one of these Easter themed activities?

  1. Make your own Easter card - choose a design that reflects Easter.
  2. Create an Easter cross using a cross outline and then decorating the inside with patterns or in a stained glass effect.
  3. Write your own Easter acrostic poem, writing the word Easter down the side of the page and writing a sentence using each of the letters in the word.
  4. Decorate an egg - hard boil an egg and then let your imagination go wild!  You could cover it in patterns, create a person or animal or decorate it in any Easter theme pictures.
  5. Roll an egg!  Use the egg that you decorated and have a go at rolling an egg.  If you get the whole family involves you could have an egg rolling competition to see who can roll their egg the furthest.
  6. Create your own Easter themed word search (template below) or a word search on any theme that you like.
  7. Design your own Easter egg - what picture/patterns/colours will you use?
  8. Create an Easter egg mosaic.  Draw the outline of an egg and then use square pieces of coloured paper to create you own mosaic.
  9. Go on a spring walk and spot all the signs of spring that you can.
  10. Try the Easter S.P.a.G mystery pack below - can you find the culprit?


Don't forget to have a look on the R.E. page too for more Easter themed work.

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