“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”


Now we have finished our work on The Promise, we shall be starting a new text based unit using the wonderful book: Star of Fear, Star of Hope. 


Set in France, during the Nazi occupation of World War II, a gentile child named Helen recalls the mounting persecution of her Jewish friend. She wonders why does her best friend, Lydia, have to wear a yellow star? Why are people in hiding and using strange names? What is Lydia afraid of? Touching upon the Holocaust with sensitivity and poignancy, Star of Fear, Star of Hope will help readers understand this difficult event in history.

Alongside this incredible book, for our class novel, we shall read another fantastic book:

Letters From the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll.

Letters from the Lighthouse is a book set around WW2. When a WW2 air raid happen, Olive's sister -Sukie - goes missing. Oliver and her brother (Cliff) have to be evacuated and meet some people on the way. Now Olive has mystery to solve because she has found a note and she is determined to solve it and find her sister.

If you'd like to read more fantastic stories set during World War II click on the Author of the term link for some suggestions. These are all available to read in our reading area. Which one will you choose or recommend? 








 To start off the new year, we shall be using a transition unit of work using the text The Promise by Nicola  Davies.           



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