“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”

Foundation Subjects

Spring 1 - Rainforests

This half term we are learning about rainforests around the world.  We will be finding out where rainforests are located, what makes a rainforest, the layers of a rainforest and the animals and people who call it home.  Through geography, we will be working on our map reading skills as well as learning about the physical geography of the countries that have rainforests in them.  We aim to learn the names of the countries and the continents they are in, as well as their proximity to the equator.  In art, we are using the rainforest as a stimulus for our artwork using a location in the Amazon rainforest as a starting point.

Autumn 2 - Africa

We are learning about the continent of Africa in order to learn about the people and their cultures, that differ to our own.  We will be using a geographical skills such as map work to locate the various countries in the continent of Africa, learning about how many countries there are and the different landscapes that they have.  We will learn about the climate in the different locations, the famous people who live there and the animals that you will find there.  As part of our homework we will also create a non-fiction piece of work (poster/leaflet/power point) about an African country of our choice and present this to the rest of the class.  The focus will be on the size of the country, population, position in the continent, languages spoken, animals found there, climate and famous people from there.

African Sunsets

Class 3 created African Sunset Silhouettes as part of our artwork on the theme of Africa.  We worked on blending 3 colours together to create the sunset effect in the background, using colours such as red, yellow and orange.  Then we chose an animal to draw, then cut out of black paper to put on top to create a silhouette.  Don't they look effective?

Autumn 1 - Rivers

This half term our theme is 'Rivers'.  This is a cross curricular theme linking geography, history and art.  We have been learning about the water cycle, rivers around our locality, rivers in Great Britain and rivers around the world.  We have been using atlases and maps to locate and name rivers such as the River Thames or River Mersey in Great Britain and the River Amazon or River Nile in South America and Africa.


A River by Marc Martin

We have recreated the front cover of the book A River by Marc Martin.  We used pencil drawings, pastels and then an ink wash to complete the piece.  Particular attention was paid to the detail in the forest, looking at the different leaf patterns and trying to recreate them.

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