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Match funding  - Can you help?


Match giving or funding is a simple way of maximising the fundraising efforts of Friends of Antrobus School PTA.


It is an informal agreement between a company and their employee. If the employee is involved in raising a sum of money for a charity (in this case Friends of Antrobus School PTA) the employer will pledge a sum of money to be donated to the charity also. Some companies will match fund on a £ for £ basis other set an amount they are prepared to give. Some companies will pledge time and resources instead of money enabling their employee to support a cause.


The list of companies offering match funding is lengthy and subject to change. Generally speaking banks and building societies, insurance companies, supermarkets, utilities providers, phone companies and car manufacturers amongst others offer schemes.


Would you be willing to ask your employer if they currently run or would consider running a match funding scheme?


As I'm sure you appreciate this match funding would generate funds to help provide resources and a varied and stimulating environment at our school.


If you have any questions or feel you can help please contact me on 07867848058.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Lorna Patelaros.

Friends of Antrobus School PTA registered is a registered charity, number 1006833



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