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Healthy Living

Healthy Living

This week we are looking at the theme of Healthy Living.  This can cover a multitude of areas of our everyday life and we will be thinking about healthy eating, exercise, mental well-being and hygiene as part of this.  Across this week feel free to try out any of the tasks and activities below under the various headings.  There is work for some on Purple Mash or worksheets and ideas of what you could make at home.  Look at the video clip below before you look at the different areas, it shows how important healthy living is for you.

Healthy Eating

All humans need food and a healthy, balanced diet helps keep your body healthy.  This means that you need to eat food from the different food groups, eat in moderation and try to eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables a day.  Pick some activities from the list below:

  1. Make a healthy meal - discuss what would make a healthy meal that you could make with a grown up at your house for the rest of the family.
  2. Draw a healthy meal - draw a plate with what you could eat as a healthy meal.  Label it and show which food groups they come from.
  3. Design your own 5-a-day poster to encourage people to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.
  4. Sort some foods that you have at home into the various food groups or into healthy and unhealthy.
  5. Go on Purple Mash - I have set lots of different 2Dos for you to try out, including food groups, sorting healthy and unhealthy food, planning a meal, healthy food pairs game and others.


Exercise is essential to keeping healthy.  We should be trying to do 60 minutes of exercise a day as children to stay healthy.  Head to the Staying Active page for more suggestions on what you could do for exercise.  Then try one of the activities below.

  1. Create an exercise poster to encourage people to exercise more regularly.
  2. Make your own exercise/dance routine for others in your family to try.
  3. Choose a sport to research and make a poster or leaflet about it.
  4. Create an exercise log and record the exercise you do each week (see below).
  5. Try out some of the exercise ideas below with Fun Fitness Bingo and a skipping workout.

Look at the videos below to learn about why exercise is important.


Hygiene is very important in order for us to stay healthy, making sure that we are well.  There is work on Purple Mash for you to do about washing hands.

  1. Watch the video below to see how to wash your hands well.
  2. Make a poster to remind people how to wash their hands.
  3. Demonstrate to someone else how to wash their hands efficiently.

Mental Wellbeing

Keeping healthy also means looking after your mental health wellbeing.  Talking through your emotions, knowing how you feel and having a positive mindset can help you with everyday life and the challenges that we all face.  If we look for positives in something that we find challenging rather than the negatives, we can be more successful.  Try some of the activities below in order to help your mental wellbeing.

  1. Play the emotions game and think about when you might have felt like the emotions discussed.
  2. Complete the I Am Amazing worksheet.
  3. Try some of the Growth Mindset challenges below.
  4. Look at how emotions are shown by drawing faces onto the emotions sheet.

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