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Healthy Week



The week commencing 18th May would have been the start of healthy week in school. Unfortunately, we will not be able to the planned activities but we would like the spend this week focusing on healthy living such as; food and diet, sport and physical and also mental well-being and health.

Below there will be links to websites, apps to download and use and also activities to print or adapt to be used at home with those of you who do not have access to printers.

As usual please tweet and email me updates of what you have been up to.

Physical activity is something we need to really evidence next week in order to help maintain our gold sports mark even during this lockdown period.

If you can help send me some evidence of physical sports and engaging with the 'topya' sports app and daily challenges from the 18th then that would be fantastic.

Thank you Miss Perry x

Stay at Home Sports Day

This is an activity based on sorting a variety of foods into healthy, unhealthy and a mixture of both. If you do not have access to a printer can your child draw a variety of foods into the correct categories?

Cooking and preparing food


Above you will see a link to the change4life website. This is great for healthy food ideas for the whole family. Choose some simple recipes like fruit salad, salads and soups and encourage your child to help you wash and prepare the foods and dishes. 

Let them peel and cut fruit and vegetables under your guidance, this develops super skills and you will be amazed at how sensible they are when given 'grown up' tools like a peeler and small knife.

If your child is a 'fussy' eater challenge them this week to try 1 or 2 new things that they would not normally eat. Set up a simple reward system and praise them for trying something new even if it is only 1 bite. 

5 a day powerpoint

Well-being jars


This week I would like you all to collect 1 or 2 empty jars and write places and things you would like to do as soon as lock down is lifted and normality can resume. As adults we have all struggled with this lockdown period so just imagine how the children will be feeling.

Spend some time with your child talking about the things they have missed and write them down onto little pieces of coloured paper and put them into the jar. You could make a colour co-ordinated key based on the type of event such as; blue means all day events, red means mornings, green means afternoons and yellow means a whole weekend.

Therefore when things start to lift and ease you can pick a coloured piece out of the jar and enjoy that visit and task as a family.


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