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Home based learning

Home Learning


As we prepare to return in EYFS from Monday 8th June the website will still be updated but not as frequently as a large number of children will be returning back to full time education. Do email if you need anything but please bare with me as I may not be able to respond a quickly due to managing a full time 'bubble'.  Thank you.

New updates are; Phase 4 phonics support in the phonics section.


New Way of Working

As some children in classes 1, 2 and 4 will returning to school to work in their bubbles from Monday 8th June, we have come up with a new way of working for these classes to make sure everything is one place and easy to access. You will be given a weekly learning overview, where you can go to for links and ideas for different subject areas. Parts of this will remain the same each week (as it is directing you to daily lessons through different websites) and some parts will change on a weekly basis. For class 1, tasks will also be added to the different curriculum areas below throughout the week. If you feel it is lacking anything you require, do not hesitate to email admin and I will endeavour to add these. 


Weekly Learning Overviews

W/C 6th July 2020

W/C 29th June 2020

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W/C 22nd June 2020

This week's work will be focussed on the National School Sport Week (NSSW). You can still complete other subjects using the links from last week’s weekly overview but our main focus is completing the tasks that will be set for NSSW. It is really important that as many children as possible complete these challenges and we would really appreciate photos and videos being sent  to admin or put on Twitter. There are certificates and awards to be won for the schools who participate the most and tag the Vale Royal School Sport Partnership (VRSSP) in their posts. Wouldn't it be great to win some awards for our school?!


Each day when you have completed the tasks you can then complete a diary entry telling us what you enjoyed about the tasks and what you found tricky. We will email out our own certificates for the children who have participated in all these tasks and sent us photos/ videos of them completing the tasks and their diaries.


Here is some more information...


NSSW in 2020 will be a very different to usual as it will mainly take place from home. We would like to support families to be active together. From Saturday 20th through to Friday 26th June there will be challenges set twice a day. The challenges will be scheduled for 9.30am and 1pm each day and will be automatically shared on the Vale Royal School Partnership's YouTube Channel as well as on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. We will also share them on our school Twitter account and will aim to share the links on the school website soon after.








W/C 8th June 2020

Please find below a suggested timetable to structure your day around.

Routine is vital to children so please do come up with a routine that suits your family set up and try to stick to it each day.

Make a note of the allocated Curriculum time on the timetable below -2hours per day of formal style teaching the rest is skills, social and mindfulness based.

Time Suggested Activity Ideas
Pre 9am Wake up Eat breakfast, make your own breakfast, make your own bed, brush teeth for 2 minutes, help with laundry and folding of any clothes.
9-10am                Morning Walk/ Outdoor activities Family walk. If you have a dog take it outside for some exercise. If it is rainy outdoors complete some fitness workouts from youtube - Joe Wicks children's work outs or Kids yoga etc.
10-11am academic time Daily phonics activity, reading, maths, Topic, RE, creative etc. - Use the links and documents below to support this.
11-12 Creative Time Drawing, painting, chalks outside/ inside and crafts - use pinterest for ideas it is fantastic. Learn how to cook and bake, sew or go outside and make mud pies!
12-12:30 Lunchtime  
12:30 Household jobs Create a list of 12 household jobs that need completing. Roll 2 dice each and which ever number they land on complete the corresponding chores. Complete the even numbers first.
1-2:30pm      Quiet time

Reading- Big Cat online

jigsaw puzzles, lego, colouring, yoga, nap time (for those who need it)

Avoid electronics- tv, ipad games.

2:30-3:30pm Academic Time Daily phonics activity, reading, maths, Topic, RE, creative etc. - Use the links and documents below to support this.
3:30-4:30pm Outdiir/ Fresh air Play in the garden, go for a minibeast hunt, tally chart items you find. Make mud pies, bikes and scooters, plant flowers and vegetables etc.
4:30-5 Free Time Ipads, playing in bedrooms etc
5-6pm Dinner  
6 onwards Free time/ Tv time Bath/ Shower, brush teeth, watch favourite tv shows, play family games.
  Bedtime Bedtime stories, lights out and sleep!


During these uncertain times and with families having to self isolate I have come up with some support to help learning at home. These will be updated weekly with new resources added so please keep checking back in.


In EYFS as I am sure you are all aware the majority of learning is play based. I have prepared some home learning resources with instructions on how to communicate with me via email.

If you have any questions please continue to contact me Via [email protected] with the subject FAO Miss Perry.


Please remember to try and read daily with your child and if they are in Reception you will have a log in for online books through Big Cat Reading. 


Twinkl is offering parents a free subscription during these difficult times- 

Storyline online is offering free resources.

Topmarks provides online games for children.

Phonicsplay is a fantastic resource to support phonics at home through games-



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