“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”

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Online Reading at Home

In addition to the Big Cat reading books, Mrs Corradine has registered us to use the Oxford Owls Online Reading Scheme.  Click on the link below and look for My Class login.

Class 3's username is budworthclass3 and the password is 2020.

Week Commencing 13th July

In our final week, work continues to be set in the maths and literacy sub-pages above.  If your child has completed the maths games booklet and requires any more maths, please can you let me know by calling the school or getting in touch via email and I will arrange for further work to be sent home.  There are also a number of Purple Mash maths tasks this week to supplement this.  Literacy continues to look at the story of The Porchester Park Project so see what tasks you have this week in the literacy folder.  There is a link below as well from St John's Church from Mrs Nixon with the theme 'United with God'.


Our theme continues to be our multicultural theme based on the Olympic Games so for any information on this please click on the link from last week.  This week there is the opportunity to research a sports person who has represented their country in the Olympics.  Who will you choose?


Finally, as part of our transition work, I have attached a number of year reviews and memory sheets below for you to reflect on this year.  It has certainly been a different year for all of us - what will you add to your review?  What stands out for you?  You could also write an acrostic poem based on the words Year Three or Year Four down the side of the page.  It would be lovely to see a photo of any of your work from the last two weeks so don't forget to email any in to the school admin address!

Week Commencing 6th July

Maths and literacy tasks can be found in the subject pages above, where we will continue with the work set last week and there will be new tasks set on Purple Mash in literacy.  There is the link below as well from St John's Church from Mrs Nixon for you all to learn about Paul's Prayer (Part 2).


For the next two weeks our theme will have a multicultural theme with time to find out more about countries around the world with very different cultures from our own.  We take the inspiration from the Olympic Games, which would have been starting in Japan, in a couple of weeks.  Click the sub-page below to find out more!

Week Commencing 29th June

Maths and literacy work for the week can be found in the subject pages above.  There are different games to try for maths and our literacy work comes from a book on Purple Mash.  If you haven't already tried the science activities set by Mrs Lawton why not give them a go?  There is the link below as well from St John's Church from Mrs Nixon for you all to learn about Paul's Prayer (Part 1).


This week our focus is National Children's Art Week.  Click on the sub-page below to find out more.  There are also plenty of activities on the Creative/Fun page that are art based if you haven't already done them.  Get creative! smiley

Week Commencing 22nd June

Work for maths and literacy continues from last week and can be found on the subject pages above.  Mrs Lawton has attached some science activities that you can do covering Light and Shadow which you can find on the science page.  See what you can get up to!  There is also the link below from St John's Church from Mrs Nixon for you to learn all about God's Everlasting Plan.


This week our focus in Healthy Fortnight is Staying Safe.  Click on the sub-page below to find out how to stay safe at home, on the road, online and in the sun. 

Week Commencing 15th June

Work for maths and literacy this week can be found under the subject icons above.  There is work for each subject that will be spread across the next two weeks with a focus on multiplication and division in maths and poetry in literacy.  There is also the link below from St John's Church from Mrs Nixon for you to learn all about God's Rescue Plan.


This week and next we will be having a Healthy Fortnight, with this week focussing on Healthy Living.  Click on the sub-page below to find out more about how we can stay healthy and try your hand at the activities I have set there.

Week Commencing 8th June

This half term we are going to do one theme/subject each week.  There will be an icon under the week (like last week with the time capsule task) with all the work for that mini theme that can be done across this week.  As always, the maths and literacy work can be found in their own folders and you can always head to the Staying Active page to see what else I have added to help keep you moving!  There is also the link below to St John's Church from Mrs Nixon for you to learn all about God's Amazing Plan.


This week our theme is working from World Ocean's Day which is on Monday 8th June.  See what you can learn about the oceans of our world and try your hand at some of the activities I have set there.

Week Commencing 1st June

This week there are a number of different activities to try out.  Head to the Literacy and Maths pages to see what you can do there with reading and writing for Literacy and work on addition and subtraction for maths.  Then why not try your hand at making a time capsule about this time?  There are activities and links to do in the special page below.  I have also included a link to St John's Church, Hartford that is included as R.E./Collective Worship for your use at home.  Mrs Nixon has also sent us the link to the Bible Society Page where you can watch a short video on the Early Church.  Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday where the start of the Early Church is remembered so why not have a look to find out more.

Week Commencing 25th May

I hope you all enjoy a well deserved rest this week, there is no work set for this week.  It is National Children's Gardening Week this week so check out the links below if you are interested in learning anything more about seeds and plants, (totally optional).  On Friday 29th May it is also National Biscuit Day so why not try your hand at the recipes below and make some biscuits to enjoy with your family?  I hope you are all well - stay safe.

Week Commencing 18th May

This week there are a number of different activities for you to do across the different subjects.  The Literacy and Maths work is a continuation of the work from last week, plus MyMaths, check out the pages for more information.  There are a number of new Viking and Science tasks on Purple Mash for you to try out and any of the work on the Theme and Science pages to finish off.  Then have a look on the Staying Active page for a range of different activities for you to try out including a football challenge!


I hope you have enjoyed learning about the Vikings and the mini project about nurses.  I have really liked looking at the work/photos that you have been sending in!

Week Commencing 11th May

This week there is a range of different activities for you to do, some of which are set across the next two weeks.  In Literacy, each year group has their own work based on a piece of writing so head to the Literacy page above to find out more.  In Maths, there are 2 longer MyMaths tasks as well as a new booklet and fun activities for you to get up to.  If you have any Viking theme work to do this can be done as well as the science activities and experiments available.


I have added some new tasks on the Staying Active page so keep a look out for different challenges over the next couple of weeks!  How many can you do?


As it is International Nurses' Day on Tuesday 12th May, I have added a folder for this with information and tasks.  You could treat this as a mini-project and work on this across the week.  Now, even more than ever, we are so grateful for all the work that nurses, and the rest of the healthcare profession, do so try out some of the activities to find out more about their work and how the NHS started.

Week commencing 4th May

UPDATE - as part of VE Day celebrations I have included a folder of information, fun activities and some worksheets on VE Day for you.  Why not have a look and see what you can do?

I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe while we are not together.  Have a look at the gallery above - you have been sending in some super pictures!  It is great to see how you are getting on.

This week there is MyMaths as usual and click on the maths page above to find some arty-maths ideas that you can have a go at.  In Literacy, there are 3 tasks based on Vikings, which completes our literacy work on Vikings.  Keep on with your Viking project work across the coming weeks and look on Purple Mash for some Viking activities that I will be setting.

DON'T FORGET - check your Purple Mash emails and why not try writing on the Purple Mash Class 3 blog?

Week commencing 27th April

UPDATE - I have added a few more Purple Mash 2dos for you about Vikings, Science and some maths games.

It has been lovely to find out what you are all up to, with phone calls and those who have sent work in.  Please keep sending pictures or work if you can - it is so good to keep in touch!  I have emailed everyone through Purple Mash as well so if you haven't already seen it, take a look this week.   Why not add to the class blog and start a conversation?

This week's Literacy is all about Thor, god of thunder.  See what you can learn about him (or recall from York).  Maths will be MyMaths and you can continue with the maths booklets already on the page (with 12 activities these should last well into this week).  Then try out some work on your times tables and number facts.  You can carry on with your Viking theme work (plenty of activities on the theme page to work on over the next few weeks) and try out some of the science activities on the science page.

How many things have you done on the creative/fun page?  It would be great to see what you have made.

As always, please get in touch if you need any help with anything.  Take care!

Week Commencing 20th April

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed being out in the sunshine over the past two weeks if you can (in the garden or during permitted daily exercise).  This week I have put work in the different folders for you to do - please do email or ring school if you need any help with these.  For literacy, there is work continuing about Beowulf and the chance to write your own epic story in the style of Beowulf!  In maths, there will be MyMaths online as usual and if you haven't already had a try, don't forget the Purple Mash games.  I have also added some more maths documents that can be accessed and completed over the next few weeks.  This half term we are continuing with Invaders and Settlers and focusing on the Vikings now so check out the theme page for what to do and pick an activity or two each week.  There are also make-your-own I-Spy word searches in the creative folder for you to make your own at home.  I hope you have fun! 


Please don't forget that you can email [email protected] with any powerpoints or photos to show me what you have been up to!  I have really enjoyed the powerpoints that I have been sent so far and the pictures!  Well done Class 3!

Weeks Commencing  6th April and 13th April

Over the next two weeks please continue with any of the work you have, whether they are in the pack that was sent home, online with MyMaths or Purple Mash or accessed through the web page under the different headings.  There will be two MyMaths tasks each week if you would like to do them, although they will remain open to do after the two weeks.  There are two new fun maths resources in the maths folder that can be done at any time.  I have included an Easter folder with Easter related activities and craft/fun tasks that can be done at any time too over the coming weeks.  As before, if you look under any of the other icons there is work available for the different areas of the curriculum that you can work through.

Week Commencing 30th March

This week you can continue to work from some of the pack that I have sent home.  Continue with your times tables packs/sheets as there should be enough for this week as well.  A further 3 MyMaths tasks have been set along with some work on money in the maths section.  For literacy, there are a range of tasks in addition to the previous ones, all based on the story of Beowulf, for you to have a go at.  If you look under each icon above, there are various tasks for each area of the curriculum that you can work at over the coming days/weeks.

Week Commencing 23rd March

This week you can work on some of the tasks given to you in your pack from school.  Look at your times table challenge booklet or try one times table sheet a day.  There are SPAG mats to do and a writing task with descriptions.  I will add other work that can be accessed across the week including 3 MyMaths tasks online.  There will be links in the different subjects above or other worksheets that you can download as well.

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