“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”




Here you will find your weekly homework. Please click on the relevant week below. 

As mentioned in our class newsletter, Homework supports the work taught in the week. Its aim is to consolidate learning and is not to be a chore. Please do come and speak to us should you need any help with your homework and we can work through any snags together.


English Homework set 20th Oct for 3rd Nov

You have spellings to learn through handwriting, word search and a spelling activity/game. There will be a spelling quiz on Wednesday 3rd November.

English homework set 15th Oct for Wed 20th Oct

Practise your spellings and handwriting for a test next week.


Maths Homework set 16th Oct for 22nd October

I have set some maths homework on My Maths using your times tables and Short multiplication.

English homework

Set  24th September to be handed in on Wednesday 29th September.

You have spellings (week 2) to learn along with some spelling activities in your green homework book. I will be testing you on these spellings on Wednesday 29th September.

In addition, Mrs Wainwright has set us the wonderful challenge to engage in poetry for Poetry day.

(see letter sent out to parents).

I would like you to find a poem which you can learn by heart to recite on poetry day. Just for this week though, you need to find a poem ready to share on Wednesday. (you won't have to learn it for Wednesday 29th, just for poetry day.

Please copy down the poem into your homework book in your best handwriting and illustrate it beautifully.

Please ask me on Monday if you need any help in finding a poem.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Corradine smiley


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