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Spring 2

Beowulf retold by Rob Lloyd Jones

As part of our work on Invaders and Settlers: Anglo-Saxons we are reading the epic legend that is Beowulf.  This is a story that has been in British history for over a thousand years, retold by generations to the younger generation.  It is a tale with a hero, king, mythical monster and plenty of adventure!  We shall be ready the story, learning more about the character of Beowulf and the history of the Anglo-Saxons.  We will be looking at the power of 3 in writing, superlatives, descriptions and finally creating our own epic legend with our own heroes and monsters.


Spring 1

The Journey Home by Frann Preston-Gannon

Class 3 are reading the story The Journey Home as part of our work on the theme of Rainforests.  It is about four endangered animals who, losing their homes for different reasons, join together to find somewhere else to live.  More and more of them join as the boat floats away until they reach an island.  They realise how far from their homes they are and are feeling homesick.  What happens next...?

We are going to be learning how to use direct speech in narrative, using speech marks to show when a character is speaking.  For one section of the story, we will be using role play to explore the emotions of the characters as well as the speech and then move on to writing descriptions of the storm based on these.  We will also be learning how to write a non-fiction piece of writing based on the animals that we meet in the book, as well as extending this to the animals that we are learning about in our theme 'Rainforests'.  

Autumn 2

Fly, Eagle, Fly by Christopher Gregorowski


This half term we will be drawing all our literacy work from the story Fly, Eagle, Fly as part of our topic on stories from different cultures, linking with our theme about Africa.  The story is about a man who rescues an eagle chick and brings it up with his chickens to be like a chicken.  However, his friends does not agree with him and sets out to prove to the man that this is an eagle and it belongs to the sky.  It will give us the opportunity to not just learn about stories from another culture but also discuss the dilemma that the friend feels by the man not allowing the eagle to be what it is meant to be.


Autumn 1

A River by Marc Martin


This half term Class 3 are reading the story "A River" by Marc Martin.  We will be using "Talk for Writing" to learn the story, using actions to aid our recall of it.  We will be exploring the story with its rich writing and beautiful illustrations, before creating our own journey story based upon it.  "A River" links to our theme of Rivers and we will be producing written work, artwork and using it as an inspiration for our theme work.


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We have been reading each other's work as part of our peer assessment and editing.  After we wrote our first drafts of The Journey, we checked our writing with one of our friends and discussed ways that we could improve it.  We then edited our work before writing it up for our display.

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