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Below there are many different maths activities. Work your way through the activities, completing one per day.


Update regarding My Maths.


W/C 18/05 no maths work was set due to us wanting to focus on Healthy Week- it was great to see all the activities you completed on Twitter.


There are only a set number of activities on My Maths (as this is usually what we set for homework weekly but have been setting numerous per week) which has meant we have now completed all the activities for years 1 and 2. Feel free to go back and repeat some lessons or see if there are any you have missed. You can do this by clicking on the Practise tab at the top of the screen instead of the Homework one. Here you will see how many of the tasks you have completed (many of you will not have any outstanding). There are 22 for year 1 and 49 for year 2. If you decide to complete some of tasks from the following year group, please be aware you may be asked to repeat these next year when we cover that area


Next week, when school reopens, the way work is set will be changing. There will be a new sheet that I will publish weekly, until the end of summer term, with all of that weeks activities in one place. This will include links to places like BBC Bitesize In the meantime feel free to continue to complete work by accessing the work that is set daily on BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy (details of these can be found below) or any of the practical maths activities found below.


I hope you have had a lovely half term and are making the most of the beautiful weather smiley


From today White Rose Maths is only available for individuals with active subscriptions. If you have been using White Rose Maths the videos are still available on the White Rose Maths website and then there are activities linked to each lesson on BBC Bitesize. 

An alternative to BBC Bitesize is Oak National Academy. This is ran by teachers with video lessons and activities for different areas of the curriculum. 



White Rose (on the link below) are continuing to produce daily lessons for each year group. They produce a lesson video clip and a worksheet for each day which I advise using as you can pause and have a go throughout the clip and then complete the work at the end.  From w/c 4th May these will be linked to BBC Bitesize.

We will also continue to add work to MyMaths. As we haven't covered all the teaching for each year group yet there may be areas which your child finds tricky. On MyMaths, before you get to the homework page, there are sections with lessons on so if your find your child finds a particular area tricky it might be useful to do one of these lessons first. Twinkl is great and also has free resources linked to each year groups maths objectives. If there is anything you would like support with please do not hesitate to ask by emailing adminsmiley 


Please find below links to games to practise number bonds and place value:

Children do not learn about decimals in KS1.

 The games are timed so challenge yourself to see how many correct answers you can get within the time limit.


More activities added 30/3/20 (White Rose Maths, Garden and Lego)

My Maths tasks set 1/4/20

Challenge Sheet 3/4/20

My Maths tasks set 20/4/20

My Maths tasks set 27/4/20

Playing Cards Maths 4/5/20

My Maths tasks set 4/5/20

Walking Maths 11/5/20

My Maths 11/5/20


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