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Maths Games and Activity Packs (w/c 29.6.20, 6.7.20 and 13.7.20)

For the next two weeks (at least!) there are a range of games and activities to be found in the 3rd Space Learning home maths packs, covering most areas of maths.  There are 20 activities, which should last a number of weeks, if you choose to do one a day.  Some of these tasks will require a partner.  Please feel free to supplement this work with any of the online games that you child is used to using (Purple Mash, MyMaths, Hit the Button etc.  Please note - there are no MyMaths homeworks set, this is just the access that they have to the games).  Please let me know by emailing or ringing school if you have completed the 3rd Space Learning maths packs and therefore need more maths work set.

Multiplication and Division Booklets (w/c 15.6.20 and 22.6.20)

For the next two weeks we are focussing on revision of multiplication and division.  There are plenty of activities in both booklets for children to pick and choose what they want to do - they do not need to complete them all.  There are games as well as worksheets.  The answer booklets are also included for you to check work if required.  As last week,  please feel free to copy work into their maths books rather than print everything off if it is possible to do so.  As always, any games that the children can access on Purple Mash, My Maths or games like Hit the Button are brilliant ways to supplement this work.

Addition and Subtraction Booklets (w/c 1.6.20 and 8.6.20)

Update - there are also a number of Purple Mash 2dos, games for addition and subtraction.  For the next two weeks we are focussing on revision of addition and subtraction.  There are plenty of activities in each year group's booklets, at least 11 in Y4 and over 20 in Y3.  Please choose which ones you would like to do on a daily basis - you do not need to do them all.  Use links on the main maths page for any practise that you need of maths games.  Please feel free to copy out the work into your maths books rather than print it all off - just make sure you write a heading for each piece.

MyMaths, Place Value booklets and Walking Maths (w/c 11.5.20 and 18.5.20)

For these two weeks, there are 2 longer MyMaths tasks each week for you to do based on your times tables as well as any of the games you would like to access.  We are focussing on revising number and place value and you will find workbooks below based on this.  Each booklet contains well over 20 activities for you to do over the next two to three weeks (depending on how many you choose to do each day).  Pick and choose the tasks on a daily basis, don't feel you have to do them all in order.


If you are out and about why not try some of the activities from the Walking Maths sheets?  Don't forget if you want to try anything different, head to the links on the main class page for games such as Hit the Button and Top Marks.

MyMaths and Arty Maths (w/c 4.5.20)

There are another 3 MyMaths tasks set for you to do as well as having a go at some of the maths art ideas found on the pdf below.  What can you come up with?  Don't forget you can send me any photos to add to our class gallery!  There are also games and tasks set on Purple Mash for you to try at any time.

MyMaths and Spring Activity Booklet (w/c 27.4.20)

There are another 3 MyMaths tasks set and please continue with the Spring Activity Booklets found below.

MyMaths and Spring Activity Booklet (w/c 20.4.20)

There are 3 more MyMaths tasks set this week - don't forget to do the lesson beforehand and make sure you check out before you leave the page.  The spring activity booklet has 12 different maths tasks/worksheets for you to try out across the week and I have included the answer booklets too.  Some are Easter themed and some are spring themed - choose which ones you would like to do.

Practical Maths (w/c 6.4.20 and 13.4.20)

Why not try some of the activities from the two files below?  There are practical maths activities and tasks using lego and activities that you can have a go at in the garden.

My Maths (w/c 30.3.20)

There are another 3 tasks set per child (in addition to the 3 set last week) - to be completed across this coming week.  Please use the link below to access this and log in.  There is a lesson to watch, followed by tasks and you can access the games at any time.  Remember to save your homework by marking it and returning to your page which should say you have no homework.

Money games (w/c 30.3.20)

For one of your MyMaths tasks I have set you a piece on money.  This week can you try and have a go at making amounts or giving change with real money - set up a shop at home that you can buy items in - or try one of the games on the link below.

Maths Tasks (w/c 23.3.20)

Use the booklet below, from your year group, to choose tasks from.  I have also set some games on Purple Mash for you to do.

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