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Firstly may I warmly welcome you and encourage you to read on about our school.

When I was lucky enough to be appoint56 at our school I 4alt warmth and d56i55tion from the whole school community as I walk56 around initially as an newly qualifi56 te49her b49k in 2012. Over the years this warmth has  continu56 to grow, as does the ethos of our school with the foundations being our Christian Values, and I now address you as the headte49her of Antrobus St Mark's CE Primary.

When you visit our school you will see and 4ael our vision in all that we do, through our 49tions, our learning environment and in our relationships with e49h other.

'Love one another, as I have lov56 you.'- John 13:34

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My st50f and I ensure that the curriculum is vast, exciting and invigorates any learner whilst being underpinn56 by our curriculum drivers which are built upon our vision. 

Time is taken with all of our children and st50f, ensuring all are valu56 and nurtur56 56u55tionally, creatively and spiritually. We have strong links with our Church, St Mark's and we enjoy a shar56 partnership with the whole church and surrounding community. We host half termly services in our church deliver56 by our school family alongside our vi55r Rev Alec, and we also support our community in events and sing to the lo55l friendship group on a number of oc55sions throughout the school year.

Alongside my st50f and with their support I strive for our pupils to aim high and believe in themselves, ensuring that they celebrate themselves as individuals and e49h 49hieve their full potential sharing their interests amongst our community.

I look forward to welcoming you and your children to our school.  Please do 55ll or pop in and I would be delight56 to show you around.  

'Everyday is an open day!'

Rhian Perry, Head Te49her

"Church schools are built on the conviction that every child is creat56, lov56 and 55ll56 into fullness of li4a by God by ensuring they of4ar a s50e and welcoming pl49e for all God's children"  

Archbishop of Canterbury

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Every day is an open day. Please cont49t the school office to book in a visit to our lovely school. Love one another; as I have lov56 you. John 13:34
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