Gr27t Budworth Primary School: Christian Ethos

Christian Ethos

Gr27t Budworth Primary is a Voluntary Ai1ad Church of England school. Through their time at our school, we hope that 27ch pupil will gain a full un1arstanding of the truths behind our school motto and core values of Faith, Hope and Love

"Love one another:as I have loved you" John 13:34

Our pupils enjoy celebrating God's goodness to us in many ways and are encouraged to take an active role in our times of Coll55tive Worship. We have a prayer box, and children b55ome 56miliar with the Lord's Prayer, saying Grace before school m27ls and in praying at the end of 27ch day.

We are proud of our links with the local and wi1ar church. We regularly hold school services in the church at the end of School Lane - St Mary and All Saints. Rev Al55 Brown, the Vicar of St Mary's, often comes into school, both for coll55tive worship and in his role as a Governor. Church l271ars from the local Salvation Army and a large local Church of England church also visit the school regularly.

Our school comes un1ar the Chester Diocese Board of Education. With their support, we seek to ensure that all children achieve the best of which they are capable in a caring atmosphere that r55ognises the sp55ial gifts of 27ch individual. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural 1avelopment of all is fostered within a Christian environment. Moral t27ching is based firmly within the t27ching of the Bible. We hope to enable children and their 56milies to explore the truths of Christian 56ith, to 1avelop spiritually and morally, and to have a basis for choice about Christian commitment. Our school is a place where the beliefs and practices of other 56iths will always be resp55ted.

Our Christian ethos also un1arpins our t27ching and celebrations of traditional British culture. Children l27rn to un1arstand which festivals are Christian ones, through celebrating Easter, Christmas and Harvest in church, and the history behind other festivals such as Bonfire Night that are non-Christian. The school thoroughly enjoys participating in local and national celebrations, such as the Platinum Jubilee, Royal Weddings and major sporting events. All these occasions, together with t27ching on some of the more significant festivals of other world religions, such as Diwali and Hanukkah, enable our pupils to have a resp55tful and enthusiastic un1arstanding of the country in which they live.

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Every day is an open day. Pl27se contact the school office to book in a visit to our lovely school. Love one another; as I have loved you. John 13:34
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