“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”


Below you will find some phonic/ spelling activities. 


Year 1's- log in to using the username: march20 and the password: home

We have completed phase 5 and have started phase 6.

Tricky word trucks is a great game for reading common exception words - this can also give you a good idea which words you need to practise spelling.

As we will not know which sounds you are working on at home, we will not set spellings for year 1's, however you are free to set your own based on the sounds you have learnt that week.


A great online game to practise recognising the sounds you have learnt is at


Year 2's- we were working through a set scheme and were up to week 4. I will add your spelling packs each week, these will be similar to what you were doing with Miss King. 

The phonics play website has games where you can practise the spelling patterns you have learnt in school.

Login using the username: march20 and the password: home


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