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School Uniform

The school badge was created to give children a greater sense of pride about belonging to our school. All children should wear the approved school uniform during school hours. Uniform items can be purchased from Buccaneer School Wear 


The Buccaneer website can be found at

You can visit the Bucanner shop at The Old Fire Station, 50 Chester Way, Northwich, CW9 5JA

Tel: 01606 212 817


Girls:  checked gingham dress (red or blue)

           grey pinafore style dress, skirt or trousers

           red school polo shirt

           blue school sweatshirt or cardigan


Boys:  grey shorts or trousers

           red school polo shirt

           blue school sweatshirt


Physical Education (P.E.) and Games: white school T shirt, navy shorts, white socks, trainers or slip on pumps, track suit for outside in the winter


Swimming: girls- one piece swimsuit

                      boys- standard swimming trunks

                      boys and girls will require a towel and may need goggles (requires a medical note)


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