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Summer 2 Fun Science Activities and Website Links

Summer 2

This half term we have a selection of Science activities to choose from on the grid below to complete each week. Be as creative as you want to be!

Summer 1, Materials 

In this science topic we will investigate the uses of everyday materials in and around our homes.



Lots more information available on BBC Bitesize - KS1 Science - Materials


Week 1, beginning 20.4.20, 

Identifying Materials and their Uses


1. Look at the Everyday Materials Photo Cards. Can you name the materials and say what they are used for.


2. Using the sheet make a list of the different uses of materials you can spot in your home.


Challenge -Can you keep a tally of the number of times you see a material, such as metal, being used for a different purpose. Which material has the most purposes?



Week 2, beginning 27,4,20

Uses of Everyday Materials Out and About


1. For this investigation you will be doing your science learning outside. You will need to go on a short walk in your local area and look out for everyday materials being used in different ways. If you wish you can take photographs, or draw the different materials you see.


Challenge - Can you sort the uses of different materials into different groups.



Week 3, beginning 4.5.20

Changing Materials

Materials can change when they are heated or cooled down. They can change from a solid to a liquid, or a liquid to a solid.


1. Can you investigate what will happen to  an ice cube when it is taken out of the freezer?  Where can you put an ice cube to melt the fastest? Test it by putting ice cubes in different places around your house.


2. What happens when you hold a piece of chocolate in your hand? Is the change permanent? Can you change the chocolate back into a solid? If so, how?


Challenge - Can you think of any other materials that change from a solid to a liquid or liquid to solid?

Week 4, beginning 11.5.20

Testing  Materials

1. Test everyday materials in your house to check their different properties,  bendy or not bendy

   waterproof or not waterproof, transparent or opaque. Choose one of the sheets to do at home.




Week 5, week beginning 18.5.20

Recycling Material

A sorting game to drag and drop the objects into the correct recycling bins depending on the material they are made from.

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