“Hand in hand with God,we live love and learn together.”

“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”


Summer 1- Animals including humans. Making and labelling a skeleton.

Spring 2- Science Week 2019. MOSI and Science Day in school.

Spring 1


This half term our Science topic will be States of Matter. The children will learn the differences between solids, liquids and gases, classifying objects and identifying their properties. The children will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate the weight of a gas. Furthermore, they will have chance to find the ideal temperature to melt chocolate. They will explore in-depth how water changes state, exploring melting, freezing, condensing as well as a particular focus on evaporation. Finally, they will learn about the stages of the water cycle, creating mini water worlds and an interactive water wheel to represent the different stages.


Please see below for a breakdown of learning objectives in our medium term plan.

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