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Staying Safe

Staying Safe

It is really important for us to stay safe and there are lots of ways that we can do this.  It can cover many areas of our everyday life so I have picked 4 for you to look at more closely.  You may find that you are really interested in one particular area and would like to do more on that so feel free to follow what interests you.  I have set a number of 2Dos on Purple Mash for the different areas and, again, you can choose to do as many of these that you would like to do.

Staying Safe at Home

There are lots of things at home that we need to learn how to use safely.  If you help out in the kitchen with cooking or baking you must be really careful with the oven and using anything sharp and always have an adult with you to help you stay safe.

  1. Take a look at the safety in the kitchen poster below and try and design your own version.
  2. Can you think about the dangers that might be in the kitchen?  Write a list of them and then how to stay safe.
  3. Create your own leaflet in the 2Do on Purple Mash.

Road Safety

Look through the power point below to find out more about road safety.  Click on the numbers to learn more about the people who use the road and how to cross the road safely.

  1. Make a poster about how to cross the road safely.
  2. Try the road safety 2Dos on Purple Mash.
  3. Have a go at the road safety quiz below on CBBC's Newsround.

Online Safety

It is very important to stay safe when you are online.  You should never share personal information with others online and especially with those that you don't know.  Never tell anyone your passwords, never give out personal information such as where you live.

  1. Watch the online safety video from the link below on BBC Bitesize. 
  2. Check out the internet safety powerpoint below.
  3. Create your own Online Safety Poster.
  4. Try the 2Dos about Online Safety on Purple Mash.
  5. Find out how much you know about staying safe online with the Purple Mash Quiz on a 2Do.

Sun Safety

We all love being outside in the summer time but do you know how to stay safe in the sun?  Wearing sun cream, a hat and trying to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day are all very important.

  1. Find out more about sun safety on the link below to CBBC's Newsround.
  2. Take the Newsround quiz to see how much you know.
  3. Make your own sun safety poster.
  4. Use the Purple Mash 2Dos to write more about sun safety.

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