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Famous People


This term we will be asking the question "Who do I know that is famous?"  Over the course of the term we will be learning about lots of different people who are famous for a wide variety of reasons.  Class 2 will be creating a timeline in class to learn about the chronology of events and lives of these people, showing how lives and times have changed through history.  They will be learning about the impact of these people in the world and how they influenced life today as an explorer, monarch, composer, artist or author.  We begin with Christopher Columbus and his voyages of discovery when the world as we know it looked very different indeed to the people who lived at the time.  We will compare how the maps then do not accurately show the world and the belief that the world was indeed flat.


We will then move on to discover more about Queen Elizabeth I, Beethoven, Henry Moore and others and their impact on the world today.  Why not go to the library to see what books they have about any of these famous people - it would be great to share these in class!

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