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Topic & Science

Make Science Fun at home by carrying out some of these experiments

Below is a power point document that I have created to focus on comparisons of then and now.

This is the first area- seaside.

The power point contains all the information to teach your child about the seaside in Victorian times when compared to nowadays. There are also a number of challenges throughout, key questions to ask and cover and tasks/ activities to make it fun and enjoyable. This should take around a week to complete and there is also a link to create an online seaside picture.

Use this as a basis and if you children want to use google to research more then please do. Create seaside paintings, if you have a sandpit pretend you are at the seaside for the day without actually leaving your gardens.

Have fun with this as the more enjoyable it is for the children then the more they will retain.

There is opportunity for maths, literacy, phonics, creativity, physical development and topic within this one focus area.

Let me know how you get on. Miss P x


Seven Continents Song

As a Class we have been learning all about the world this last term and we have been learning the 7 continents in size order via this song. I am sure you have heard your children singing it at home as it is quite catchy but if you can continue to sing it at home and talk about the world that would be brilliant. I will be posting below another copy of the world map we have been using in school and a list of questions relating to place that we have looked at.
Any postcards we have not yet managed to share as a class I will upload and share with you.

Seven Continents Song

A song to help kids learn the 7 continents in order from largest to smallest.

New Postcards The Children Have Never Seen In School

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