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“By God’s grace, we learn to loveand love to learn.”

Week 7 - 18th May

Healthy Week


This week would have been Healthy Week in school, so the learning in different areas will reflect this. In order for us to retain our hard earned Sportsmark, we need to continue to be as active as possible and show our understanding of how remaining active contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Please keep your eye on our Twitter feed as there will be details of competitions and challenges rolling out across all Vale Royal schools throughout the week. We would love it if you could get involved in the challenges and send us pictures and videos to use on Twitter. 

Please also have a look at using this free and safe app called Topya - you can find details on the links below. This is another way we can show how active and healthy we are and will also help with retaining our Sportsmark. Have fun!

Ideas for a Stay At Home Sports Day

Suggested Weekly Timetable - Week beginning 18th May

Resources to support Geography work - comparisons between the Americas and England

Literacy Counts resources


The wonderful team at Literacy Counts have produced some resources to support learning at home. Follow the link below for some story based learning and activities.


BBC Bitesize Daily


The BBC has produced the following resources which are absolutely excellent. Follow the link and click on the year group to explore the daily lessons and activities. These are worth looking at any time - please do not worry if the activities on here do not match up with the other activities I have suggested - they are all still well worth doing and suitable for the chosen year group. Please do have a look!


Oxford Owl Reading Resources


Mrs Corradine has organised a free trial with Oxford Owl reading resources. This is a fantastic site with a range of engaging and exciting reading resources for all ages. Follow the link below, click on the My Class Login button and use the following details to explore these resources. Happy reading!


My class name - mrsfinney

My class password - 2020


Short Writing Tasks - Interesting writing prompts to give you a range of opportunities to show off your skills!

English - Week 7

Maths Week 7

Interactive Bar

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