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World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day

Monday 8th June is World Oceans Day so this week we are going to be thinking all about our oceans, how important they are and what you can find in.  Use the powerpoints below or research on the internet what you can find out about the oceans of our world.  There is a worksheet below where you can label the different oceans of the world - use an atlas or the internet to help you with this.  In your literacy this week there is also a reading comprehension to help you with facts about the layers of the oceans.  Then try any of the activities below that you would like:

  1. Create a poster about the oceans of the world
  2. Choose an ocean to research more - where is it in the world?  What fish/creatures live in it?  What countries does it touch?  Where could you travel to on this ocean?  How do humans use the ocean?
  3. Create a powerpoint all about the oceans of the world and how important they are
  4. Make an art piece based on the ocean - it could be something you could find in the ocean such as an fish or creature/an underwater scene/a submarine you could explore in the ocean with
  5. Make a model or paint a picture of the layers of the ocean
  6. Try some of the Purple Mash tasks that I have set including some painting 2dos, writing about the Great Barrier Reef and describing the angry sea scene

Or you could choose to do something else that you have thought of independently.  What facts can you find out about the ocean?  Have fun!

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