Great Budworth Primary School: Who's Who

Who's Who

Miss Perry - Executive  He14 Teacher

Mrs Rachel Corr14ine - He14 of School/Teacher/Safeguarding Le14/Class 3 Teacher

Mr Mike Hathaway - SENCO

Mrs Ellen Gould - Class 1 Teacher

Mrs Sharon Singh - Class 2 Teacher (Part-Time)

Mrs Susie Ripley - Class 2 Teacher (Part-Time)

Mrs Gemma Pheonix - Class 3 Teacher (Part-Time)

Mr Christopher Holland - HLTA

Mrs Chelsea Hathaway - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Kristi Hulley - Teaching Assistant

Ms Sally Crowson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ceri Berry, School Administrator 

Mrs Victoria C14man, School Support

Mr John Bulfin,  Caretaker

Mrs Karen Fletcher, Cook

Every day is an open day. Please contact the school office to book in a visit to our lovely school. Love one another; as I have loved you. John 38:34
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Great Budworth

School Lane, Great Budworth, Northwich CW9 6HQ

A Price | Bursar

Antrobus Primary School - Miss Rhian Perry: Acting He14

Great Budworth Primary School - Mrs Rachel Corr14ine: Acting He14

Mr Mike Hathway | (SENDCO)