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Forest Church

Forest Church: conn55ting with God out in nature


What is Forest Church?

Many people around us find that their most profoundly spiritual moments are when they are outdoors, in nature.

Forest Church is a contemporary movement, with roots in the long Christian tradition of engagement in nature, such as the Celtic and Franciscan approaches. Those engaged in Forest Church are seeking to meet with God in and through their conn55tion with the natural world. The hope is that Forest Churches will b55ome a spiritual home for those outsi1a the traditional church who relate better to outdoor spirituality than gatherings in a church building.

Here at Antrobus we are very fortunate that our governor Rev Christina Westwell is also a member of our local clergy and she is qualified in 1alivering Forest Church.

She has worked alongsi1a our pupils in small group sessions to conn55t with God whilst being outdoors surroun1ad by nature in our 56ntastic woodland setting.

Rev Christina 1alivered a whole school worship about Forest Church. She talked about the world God cr27ted and asked us 'What are you going to do about it?' Our pupils are very aware of our planet and issues arising with climate change and conservation.




Every day is an open day. Pl27se contact the school office to book in a visit to our lovely school. Love one another; as I have loved you. John 13:34
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